Development of a telemetry system for monitoring piston characteristics inside combustion engines

Forschungsberichte aus dem Institut für Kolbenmaschinen, Bd. 7/2024

Paul Lagaly

ISBN 978-3-8325-5822-2
123 pages, year of publication: 2024
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Development of a telemetry system for monitoring piston characteristics inside combustion engines
This project aimed to develop a compact and lightweight telemetry system that mechanically decouples measurements, enabling versatile applications across different measurement scenarios, particularly for pistons and other moving systems. Utilizing an ESP8266, a printed circuit board design was created from individually tested integrated circuits, which formed the foundation for measuring various physical variables. Given the challenging conditions inside a piston of an internal combustion engine, ensuring high robustness was paramount during the electrical engineering process to prevent failures due to high temperatures and acceleration levels. Alongside the installation process for thermocouples, software for energy-efficient measurement with customizable resolution and optional transmission via Wi-Fi or internal storing was developed. Demonstrating feasibility during full-load operation of a heavy-duty diesel engine, the telemetry system with a high-resolution surface thermocouple was integrated in one piston to establish a method for assigning crank angles, enabling measurement and transmission of surface temperatures with crank angle resolution. Further series of measurements, including the use of alternative fuels, were conducted with a third piston, expanding the findings. The outcome is an innovative telemetry measurement device capable of recording experimental data from moving components, potentially expediting market solutions by reducing development times.

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  • Thermo couple
  • Electrical engineering
  • ESP8266
  • Measurement system
  • Printed circuit board


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