The EPPO/OLAF Compendium of National Procedures

Desktop Codes on the Procedural Law of the Member States with Annotations by National Experts

Pierre Hauck, Jan-Martin Schneider

ISBN 978-3-8325-5743-0
27 Volumes, I (Austria) — XXVII (Sweden)
year of publication: 2024
price: 1100.00 €
This publication is a unique, EU-sponsored 27-volume reference compendium on the national law of the EU Member States. With each volume dedicated to one Member State, the compendium provides a comprehensive overview of national law relevant to the conduct of investigations by the EPPO and OLAF in the area of criminal procedure (EPPO) and administrative procedure (OLAF). It offers legal practitioners much-needed access to national law by reproducing the provisions in both English and the relevant national language. Additionally, the entire subject matter is made more accessible through illustrative case studies. Each volume is supplemented by an introductory chapter written by national experts.

A must read for every practitioner. The compendium is intended to provide assistance to those conducting fraud and financial investigations in the EU.

List of Volumes

Volume I: Austria
Volume II: Belgium
Volume III: Bulgaria
Volume IV: Croatia
Volume V: Cyprus
Volume VI: Czech Republic
Volume VII: Denmark
Volume VIII: Estonia
Volume IX: Finland
Volume X: France
Volume XI: Germany
Volume XII: Greece
Volume XIII: Hungary
Volume XIV: Ireland
Volume XV: Italy
Volume XVI: Latvia
Volume XVII: Lithuania
Volume XVIII: Luxembourg
Volume XIX: Malta
Volume XX: Netherlands
Volume XXI: Poland
Volume XXII: Portugal
Volume XXIII: Romania
Volume XXIV: Slovakia
Volume XXV: Slovenia
Volume XXVI: Spain
Volume XXVII: Sweden

  • Fraud investigations
  • PIF Offences
  • Tax fraud
  • Subsidy fraud
  • Corruption


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